Different seasons require various types of car care to keep your vehicle running smoothly in certain weather conditions.

Winter can be particularly rough on your car, so it’s essential to take special precautions during colder months so your vehicle functions safely and adequately. The following issues are far more common during winter, but all have simple fixes:

Dead Car Battery

Cold weather can wreak havoc on your car battery. Starting an engine when the temperature is below freezing points is very hard on the battery. Another reason car batteries die more frequently in winter is due to heavy use of the heating system, heated seats, and using lights more regularly because it gets dark earlier. It’s wise to get older car batteries checked or even replaced by a professional to avoid risking your car battery dying unexpectedly. Anything over three years old should be checked.

Fluid Changes

Lower temperatures cause fluids such as transmission, brake, oil, power steering, and antifreeze to thicken. In some instances, washer fluid can even freeze altogether. To keep all your vehicle’s fluids functioning correctly, you’ll want to make sure they are clean and full. If you’re not sure when your last fluid change was, have a professional check the levels for you.  

Bad Tire Pressure

Whether it’s summer heat or cool winter air, changing temperatures alter your tire pressure. Cold weather may cause decreased tire pressure even when your car isn’t driven regularly. Differing tire pressures result in more wear and lower fuel economy than normal. We recommend you check your tire pressure more frequently during winter, at least once per month, and replace worn tires as needed.

Faulty Wipers

Extreme weather conditions such as ice, snow, and rainstorms put more wear on your wiper blades. Broken wipers are not uncommon in colder months due to the intense pressure that the season’s changes place on the blades. Replacing your wiper blades is crucial to confirm they are in working order and keep your windshield clear of any weather hazards.

Is your winter car care up to par? The trusted mechanics at Scott DeLong’s Auto Service have a full range of services to keep your vehicle at it’s best, no matter the weather. Contact us today to make sure your car is safe to drive in all seasons.