Buying a used car involves significant investment. Even when a car isn’t new, it can still be new to you – and it’s just as important to do your research.

A visual once-over and test drive of a vehicle won’t tell you everything you need to know about the actual health of a used car. While these actions can help you decide whether you like a car, you’ll need a more thorough assessment to figure out if there are any underlying issues a seller may be trying to hide.

Why Inspect Before Buying?

When it comes to used cars, you can never be too sure of the vehicle’s past. Having a third-party professional inspect a car before you invest is a great way to ensure you’re buying the best car for your budget. Without a pre-purchase inspection, you may end up with unexpected car troubles down the road, which will vastly increase the price point of your total investment.

What Goes Into a Pre-Purchase Auto Inspection?

The depth of a pre-purchase inspection differs depending on who you choose to perform the service. A comprehensive examination should include everything from a road test to checking emission codes. When deciding which mechanic to select, do your research to make sure the vehicle inspections cover everything you’d want to know about a car before purchasing.

Buying From Out of State

When purchasing a car from outside your region, it can be difficult to determine the true condition without seeing it for yourself. By working with a mechanic located near the seller to inspect a used vehicle on your behalf, you can be sure a car’s quality matches the seller’s description. Some auto service centers will even include a video of their inspection so you can visualize all the points covered.

Our Tip: If you’re purchasing a car from out of state, ask the seller to bring the vehicle to your inspection professional. If the seller refuses to transport a vehicle for examination, it may be a red flag that something is up.

Choosing a Mechanic

The #1 thing to consider when selecting your car inspector is trustworthiness. If you can’t trust your mechanic, what’s the point of having them double check your vehicle? Be sure to look at shop reviews to see what previous customers have to say before enlisting their help.

Honesty is one of our top priorities at Scott DeLong’s Auto Service. We pride ourselves on providing prompt, quality care that customers can trust.  

Are you looking to purchase a used car? Make your buying decision easier with a pre-purchase inspection! Schedule a pre-purchase auto inspection with Scott DeLong’s Auto Service before making a big investment. We offer flat rate inspection pricing for all used vehicles, regardless of make or model.