If you’re a weekend warrior that takes “do-it-yourself” as a challenge, it might be tempting to tackle car issues on your own.

Though you might think you’re saving money by fixing vehicle issues yourself, when you don’t have the proper knowledge and skills, you can actually wind up damaging your car further. What’s worse, certain car repairs are dangerous and could result in injury if done improperly.

Car buffs who have extensive vehicle knowledge may be able to handle some repairs on their own, but certain problems will require the services of an experienced mechanic:

1. A/C System Repairs

There are several parts in a car’s A/C system, making repairs extremely complicated. There are specialized tools needed, such as a recovery machine and a vacuum pump, which must be used after any A/C system is opened for repair. Without using the proper tools, your system will not operate correctly.

2. Changing Coil Springs

Replacing a snapped coil spring is a dangerous job. The coil’s strength is so intense that inexperienced handling could result in fatalities. Never attempt to change a coil spring on your own, or you could wind up with a severe injury.

3. Replacing the Timing Belt

A car’s timing belt should undergo maintenance once your vehicle has hit 60,000-100,000 miles. These repairs can be expensive, but don’t try to cut costs and do it yourself. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may cause significant engine damage.

4. Windshield Replacement

Improper installation of a windshield can result in gaps or leaks that allow air and water to enter your car. After you’ve spent all that money on parts and tools, you’ll then need to get a professional mechanic to remedy the issues. Save yourself the time and money by contacting a trusted auto shop when you need a new windshield rather than attempting it yourself.

5. Addressing Trouble Codes

If you’re looking to self-diagnose a vehicle’s issues, be wary about relying on at-home code readers. Car owners will often read the codes and attempt to fix the issues only to have the check engine light remain on or flashing. Having a mechanic analyze your vehicle’s error codes will tell you the real root of the problem and save you money on unnecessary repairs.

Even the most knowledgeable car owners can’t fix every vehicle issue by themselves. When your car is experiencing problems, it’s best to go to a trustworthy mechanic the first time around to avoid damaging your vehicle further. The experienced auto technicians at Scott DeLong’s Auto will diagnose your car problems so you can get your vehicle back in shape.

Don’t waste your time trying to fix auto issues by yourself. Contact us today to receive the professional care your vehicle deserves.