Regularly maintaining luxury European vehicles such as BMWs is essential to both avoiding costly repairs and keeping your BMW running at peak performance.

When you’ve invested in a luxury car, you don’t want to risk depreciating its value by underservicing it. Though all cars require regular maintenance checks to ensure the safety and health of the vehicle, BMWs must follow a factory-recommended maintenance schedule.

When Should I Schedule Maintenance for My BMW?

Many shops will advise bringing your BMW in for a service every 3,000 miles or so, but this isn’t always necessary. If you’re wondering when to book preventative services next, read your owner’s manual. The manual will include details on following BMW’s recommended maintenance schedule. Your vehicle will also let you know on the instrument cluster, and this is called condition based service (CBS).

Services Required by BMW

BMW maintenance services will differ based on factors such as mileage, how old your car is, and what model you drive; however, these essential services will always be a necessity:

Oil Change

Not changing your BMW’s oil could lead to the buildup of sludge in the engine and waiting too long between oil changes can impact engine health. Although BMW recommends every 15K miles, we advise the best timeframe to have your oil changed is every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, depending on your driving habits.

Safety Service

Outside of routine oil changes, your BMW must undergo a professional safety inspection by a trusted mechanic. The average safety service includes a thorough check of belts, brakes, dashboard warning lights, engine fluids, hoses, steering/suspension, tire pressure, and wipers.

Tire Rotation

Altering the position of your tires will help them wear evenly. This service can extend the lifespan of your tires significantly. You should have your BMW’s tires rotated every six months, if applicable.

Brake Check

Making sure your brakes are properly working is essential to the safety of any car. During a brake check, your mechanic will assess components such as brake pads and fluid contamination. BMWs, in particular, should have their brake system flushed around every two years.

Marietta BMW Specialists

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