The cold winter months can be especially miserable if you don’t have a working heater. A number of mechanical problems can cause issues with your car’s heating system.

These four common heating problems are often to blame for a faulty heater. Read on to find out what they are and how to resolve them:

1. Low Coolant Levels

Your car’s engine uses coolant to help cool it down, but coolant also travels to the heater to emit warm air. With low coolant, there won’t be enough to get to your car’s heater, resulting in cool air.

The Solution: While you may need to fill up your car with more coolant, this common heating problem is also a sign that there is a coolant leak. If you’re concerned, ask your mechanic to check for a leak.

2. Dirty Coolant System

Over time, your coolant system may get clogged up with sediment. An extensive buildup in the coolant system will result in limitations of coolant flow.

The Solution: Simply flushing the coolant system might solve the issue, but more extreme blockage may call for heater core replacement.

3. Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat indicates the thermostat is not opening and closing as it was designed to. What this means is the car can either have no heat, or it can overheat.

The Solution: Have your car checked— if there is a thermostat issue, it needs to be replaced.

4. Blend Door Problems

The blend door is an electronic motor under the dash which controls hot to cold temperatures. A common issue for new cars, if the blend door motor fails, it will not be able to switch from hot to cold.

The Solution: If your car is only delivering cold or hot air, your vehicle’s climate control unit must be scanned for any trouble codes and to check for movement of blend door motors.

Auto Heating Repairs

Whether your heater is malfunctioning from one of the above troubles or another issue entirely, the trusted mechanics at Scott DeLong’s Auto Service will get to the bottom of your heater concerns with our A/C and heat repair services.

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